Healthcare App for Patients, medical practitioner and Hospitals

Healthcare apps are highly sought-after mobile applications today. Healthcare tech start-ups, medical professionals and hospitals are building innovative healthcare apps to connect and serve the patients better. Demand of healthcare apps development is increasing, as hyper-connectivity, extreme personalization and real-time data sharing are surging in medicine, wellness and healthcare verticals. Thus healthcare app design companies are helping start-ups / organizations to build best in class healthcare software platform & mobile apps to stay ahead. If you are looking for a custom mobile app in healthcare, fitness & pharma domain.

How We Works

A Pocket Clinic Quick and Anytime access

HealthCare Apps has become beneficial for Doctors and Medical Staff

As we know the healthcare apps have become more advantageous for doctors, nurses and medical staff related to a hospital. Through the app, the doctors get updates about their patient health condition, they can view all the patient reports and can treat individually, even the doctor prescription has been digitalized which can be accessed on your device.

Healthcare apps have gained more impact in Remote Areas

In today's era of technology and internet, Smartphones have been reached to every nook and corner, people living in rural areas facing medical health issues can utilize on-demand health care apps by which they can book an appointment with doctors, can updates their reports in-app, get concerned with their doctors, purchase medicines online without travelling to the hospital and can get many more benefits.


At De2fx From marketing research to deployment we follow a systematic app development Cycle

+ Business Analysis

+ Ideation

+ Testing

+ UI/UX design

+ Application development

+ Back-end implementation

+ Deployment

+ Launch

+ Maintenance

De2fx Hospital App Significant Features

1. Patient Management

2. Patients Medical and Diagnosis reports.

3. E-Pharmacy

4. Online Chat and Audio and Video consultation.

5. High level Interface language.