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De2fx CMS Website Development Services Company builds dynamic CMS enabled websites empower you with the ability to upload information, through a password protected dashboard to your CMS or Content Management System. You do not require programming knowledge to update or maintain the website. A CMS or 'Content Management System' quite literally allows controlling and managing the content within a website. At, De2fx you can have a highly professional CMS website designer at a very reasonable price indeed!

We are the end solutions for CMS web site development in Myanmar, we've several alternative Content Management System Programs that are very little complicated and takes time to know, however we will assist you with it by considering as our goal offer you with an answer for you to know the Content Management System.

We offer a visible interface web site that is easy to all or any our clients. Back end content management systems like Drupal, Joomla &, WordPress and custom dynamic web sites enable you to directly log onto your own website with a secure username and password similar to Gmail or yahoo and you'll directly edit the web content. Modern websites use a variety of features including dynamic content, membership databases, interactive forums, feedback forms, content management systems, e-commerce, secure credit card transactions, information collection, banner introductions and more. Add/delete new products to the database and see them appear online in real time, amend prices or descriptions and change images as you please from one central place. Changes are made direct to the database through an online admin.

How We Works


Why CMS?

Commonly, businesses use HTML as their mark-up language to add texts, images, colours, and videos. But they have certain limitations of the ability to code for one page or two. With CMS, you can take the benefit of better content management with in-built templates and more website speed because the larger business would have multiple webpages with massive content that needs to be modified, published and created frequently.

With CMS, customization of photos and texts is much easier. It is possible to customize a single page among all.

CMS comes with a host of SEO plugins that can help your site rank higher in the major search engines and increases your online traffic. Plugins are optimizable to any changes and are also user-friendly.

De2fx always strives to inculcate the websites with plugins that can protect them from all the potential security threats and make them secure from the vulnerabilities.

CMS stores all the website content at one place and enable for rapid and easy update saving your time and wealth.

CMS websites can be useful in creating web forms pertaining to any company and also for the purpose of email marketing and social media marketing.